Contemporary Artist





Wibaa started his artistic journey after he asked himself if he can do something creative.

Will I be an artist?

Although it seems to be a simple question, it is not because every question has different answers that affect each person differently.

One may paint for a more extended period just to realize how little they know about it.

He approaches the canvas without prejudices and with an open mind. The goal is not to create pictures and images as it is to resolve, crystallize form, colour, and mark into a cohesive totality of a rich experience. he is often befuddled throughout the painting process, trying to find his way out and feeling very much like a novice until that moment of clarity arrives. For a long time, his work has been resolved via the creation of a blighted landscape.

Beneath tectonic plates of hue and shape, spaces of colour and light resembling the mountains and oceans of his journeys open. Sometimes of his soul.

Painting has served as a bridge between his drawing, which is based on natural shapes, and his paintings, layered with colour and light. As is customary in his painting technique, these pictures are painting in various colours, their orientation often reversed, and combined with supplementary or repeated colour images to create depth and form interactions.

Painting has introduced him to new world, painting helps him to see himself inside, to express emotions, to relax, to find a moment to get away from reality.

His creative process comes from an idea, from an emotion and is reflected on his canvas.


He is self-taught.

Wibaa approached painting by attending a course at MoMA in New York - In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting – He could learn about the materials, techniques, and approaches of seven New York School artists who made abstract paintings. The “New York School “including Willem de Kooning, Yayoi Kusama, Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Ad Reinhardt, and Mark Rothko. Wibaa began to understand what a studio means and how ideas develop by looking closely at the paintings.


"For me Painting is commitment. Painting is the search for solutions. It is transforming an idea into something real. Paint is find solutions to one's stimuli. Paint is study"